Where's the Levity?

Where's the Levity?

Release Date:  23 April 2013

Format:  LP

Track Listing

1 Down Like Hip-Hop 3:50
2 My Prisoner 3:59
3 Mr. Sunshine 4:09
4 Lead Me On 3:42
5 Some Beautiful Days 5:28
6 The Goodness 4:08
7 Money Come, Money Go 2:52
8 I Need You To Know 2:48
9 All Falls Down 4:06

Album Credits

Produced by Jordan Lally.

Mixed and Mastered by Drew Mazurek.

Recorded by Drew Mazurek & Jordan Lally.

Engineering Assistance by Wes Anderson.

Music by Fiction 20 Down.

Lyrics by Jordan Lally & Andre Toney.

All songs written by J. Lally, except My Prisoner written by W. Anderson & J. Lally; Money Come, Money Go written by J. Lally, D. Fritzges & A. Toney; The Goodness written by J. Lally, W. Anderson, A. Toney, D. Fritzges & J. Hanlon.

Album Notes

Vocals by Candace Minnicks featured on The Goodness.

Percussion by Brady Atkinson featured on The Goodness & My Prisoner.

Programming by Jordan Lally featured on Down Like Hip-Hop, Lead Me On & Money Come, Money Go.