Year of F20D: January


January 31, 2015

Fiction 20 Down is kicking the year off right with some awesome content! Make sure that you come back each month to see what the band has released. So far, this month the band has released...


New Single-- 'New York Thing':

The #yearofF20D is all about introducing a fresh, up and coming side of the band. If you want a taste of the Fiction 20 Down you love, mixing it up with some funky hip hop beats, you'll love their newest single, 'New York Thing'. View the music video below and be sure to grab your copy of the song from iTunes!

Fresh Podcast:

Want to chat with the band, know about upcoming events and get to know the guys better on a more personal level? Then, you should check out their monthly podcast! Andre hosts as the band discusses their New Year plans, resolutions, premise of the Year of F20D and much more.


F20Dtv- Episode #1:

The band has premiered their series of F20Dtv with Episode #1, titled 'Origins'. In this episode, the guys tell the story of how they all came together to form Fiction 20 Down as it is today. Ever wondered how Fiction 20 Down got their name? Find out here!


Something cool the band has done this month:

 Launched the Year of F20D campaign! See what it's all about in this article.