Honor Echoes

He set out straight from that lawn
with his grandpa laid to rest he held tight to that song
played on 21 guns and countless beating hearts
the women wailed and men trembled, but the boy'd never stood so strong

He enlisted right outta school
papa proud to see his son grow from the family root
but mom feared the worst, though she never spoke this true
and so they said goodbye that autumn afternoon

His company conquered the shore
the proud son set a stern foot to the jungle floor
the men marched an hour, til the mist came round to pour
and natives layin in wait, they let their bullets soar

21 guns ring
and that boy was listening
oh how that sound
echoes now

He awoke a week since he fell
the blunt end of a rifle had opened the back of his skull
bound in a cage, stripped and starved- time stood still
they had held him seven some odd years and never broke his will

21 guns ring
and that boy was listening
oh how that sound
carries him now

When at last his countrymen battered down the gates
their gunfire rang out, til all but one of the enemy remained
the native turned to give the world his final act of rage
he shot the bearded soldier dead inside his cage

... those seven long years he'd dreamt of the pride on his fathers face
in his mothers tears, and throughout the crowd that gathered that day
he 'd peer down upon them, right through heaven's gates
as the rifles rang out, and the honor echoed at his grave...

we lay him down